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    As a family owned business passed down from generation to generation, we could make a huge difference at home. We can enjoy the beauty of nature from our porch. Supplying a safe haven for birds, bats and butterflies.

    Concerned about climate, environment and global warming we found us purchasing houses. Setting up birdbaths supplies water.

    The environment is the natural world as a whole on a particular geographical area, especially affected by human activity. It affects the conditions of people, animals, plants and lives of everything. But, in our own yards and surrounding locations of our homes we can make a difference. The backyard could be a great place to host a home for birds, bats and butterflies. Make a difference for them by supplying a bird house, plants that are necessary for pollination. A safe haven for plants, insects, birds, bees, bats and water for the creatures of nature.

    Thank you!

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    Bees are a part of Pollination


    We take great care to eliminate all of the above problems then we do the following:-
    wrap the hive,
    We use black tar paper. This keeps the hive dry, and stops the snow from wetting the hive sides, it also warms the hive interior on bright sunny days allowing the bees to break cluster and move to stores. A few well placed B=" staples do a good job of holding it in place.

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