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  • BATS

    Bats are more than the scary creatures of the night that we all portray them to be. Our furry, flighted friends have quit a lot of positive effects on our world. From the billions of dollars they save us in pesticides, to natural pollination and seed speading, let's learn why we need bats.

    Bats by Night, they are part of the Food Chain

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  • Role of bats in our ecosystems (ecosystem services)

    The majority of bats eat night-flying insects, including many agricultural pests. As the primary predators of night-flying insects bats play a significant role in controlling insect populations. Estimates from studies show that some bats eat more than 70% of their weight in insects each night and some pregnant females at 100% of their body weight (that’s a lot of insects!). Another way of looking at it, taken from an example on the Bat Conservation International website, is that: “A single little brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquito-sized insects in a single hour.


    Many people have misconceptions about bats. In this article we will explore some of those and find out how amazing facts on bats really are.

    The first misconception is that bats are related to the rodent family and that they are basically “flying mice”. This is simply not true; in fact, bats are a group all their own named ‘Chiroptera’, which means hand-wing. Bats are closer to groups like primates and lemurs versus the rodents.

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